Malte Just on the question
of the Mannheim Music Academy

23rd of February 2023

Carl Wischermann, CellistGrandfather of Malte Just

The Mannheim National Theatre Orchestra's Musical Academy approached me with a question regarding the relationship between architecture and music for their 23/24 program booklet.

Contemplating this question, my thoughts naturally gravitated towards the interplay of music and physical space. How do these two seemingly disparate elements—one, static and inclined towards eternity, the other, fleeting and bound by time—converge and exert mutual influence?

Music has been a constant companion throughout my life. My grandfather, a cellist and chamber musician, exposed me to the world of music from an early age. I was privileged to listen as he imparted knowledge to his students and performed in concerts. The cello, with its warm resonance and expansive auditory landscape, has remained one of my cherished instruments to this day.

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Musikalische Akademie Mannheim

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