Just Architekten is an international, diverse team with an urban mindset. Our thinking is characterized by a multi-perspective and empathetic mindset. Our approach? Always detail-oriented yet with an eye on the bigger picture.

We are distinguished not only by our conceptual strength but also by the comprehensive execution of projects and precise finishing. Our modus operandi is process oriented. Our clients describe us as down-to-earth, honest, and practical in implementation.

Through intensive exchange with our clients, we are able to meet very high demands on the final result. This is when our specialized qualifications come into play: fire protection, building logistics, construction management, urban development, facade design and interior design.

For us, technical solutions and professional work do not contradict creativity, but form the solid framework of all our projects. Our focus lies on construction in existing structures, designing inspiring workspaces, as well as on traditional construction tasks of various scales.

The analysis of the context, the location and its history are a major driving force for our work. We enjoy navigating the tension between the old and the new.

Building in existing structures is an extremely sustainable construction method. In combination with sustainable energy design and circular economy, we strive for climate neutrality.

Numerous design awards and project publications in our name attest to our high standards of design and quality.

In the complexity of present-day construction and the limitations of time, choosing to begin the journey with the right team from the very start becomes an indispensable decision, rather than opting for a solitary endeavor.


  • Malte Just Alternativtitel

    Malte Just


    "Challenging architecture starts by perceiving things accurately and opening up spaces of association for me. One must be attentive, dialogical, and empathic. And one must set impulses and accents at precisely the right moment."

    Malte, the head of Just Architekten, possesses a special ability to envision, perceive, and sense things. He has a keen sense of timing and the right team by his side to skillfully orchestrate and steer complex processes while always keeping the bigger context in mind.

    He is a skilled networker who promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance projects and processes. He acts as a catalyst within his team and communicates effectively – both internally and externally.

    His strength in the early phases of a project – the conception, development of ideas, and their implementation into concrete architectural plans – is emphasized by clients. The dynamic relationship between humans and space forms the basis of his architectural thinking.

    With a profound interest in the cultural processes inseparably linked to architectural creation, he approaches design with an appreciation for values, history, and the continuous development of existing structures. He respects tradition but is equally open to innovations and strives to create something extraordinary every time.

    Malte's professional journey began with studying Romance languages and sociology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Language and society remain determining factors in architecture for him. During his studies, he developed a deep understanding of sociocultural processes expressed in architecture, urban development, and urban planning.

    After a study stay in Barcelona, he made the decision to pursue architecture. With a degree in architecture from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, he took another step abroad and worked at Norman Foster's globally active office in London.

    Subsequently, he was admitted to the Master's program in Conceptual Design at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. This opportunity motivated him to return to Frankfurt and refine his design skills at this art school with an internationally oriented architecture class.
    Following this phase, Malte worked at the office of Prof. Rang and Prof. Volz on the new construction and conversion of the Innsbruck ice sports hall.

    In 2002, he co-founded his own office with Till Burgeff. In 2021, he decided to take over Till Burgeff's shares to give the studio even more of his own touch.

    Malte is a member of the Association of German Architects (BDA), the German Design Club (DDC), and the Friends of the German Architecture Museum (DAM). He is actively involved in the Lions Club Frankfurt Römer.

    Malte has taught design and construction at various German universities, including Frankfurt, Siegen, and Düsseldorf. Additionally, he regularly serves as a guest critic and jury member in various institutions."

  • Joachim Frings Alternativtitel

    Joachim Frings


    Joachim is Managing Director at Just Architekten. In addition to his expertise in construction management, his comprehensive knowledge as an expert in preventive fire protection allows him to accelerate work processes in our office.

    Joachim studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt. Prior to his studies, he completed an apprenticeship as a roofer. After completing his studies, he furthered his education as an energy consultant and subsequently as an expert in preventive fire protection.

    From 2006 to 2008, Joachim worked as a Construction & Project Manager with us. Besides his role as an energy consultant, he also worked as a lecturer at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences for technical building equipment. He then pursued a career as an expert in preventive fire protection. After his time at the Hilla Sachverständigerbüro, he returned in 2014 and has been part of the management team since 2016.

    As the Head of Human Resources in our office, Joachim not only ensures the seamless flow of internal company processes but also ensures a harmonious working environment, where everyone can collaborate effectively.

  • Benedikt Völker Alternativtitel

    Benedikt Völker


    Benedikt specializes in project planning and detailing. He possesses extensive experience in the field of historic monument and listed building preservation and the complex regulatory approval procedures associated with it.

    He joined our team as a Project Manager in 2016 and was appointed as Managing Director in 2022. Before joining our team, he worked as an architect, project, and team leader for renowned architecture firms, including Nicolas Grimshaw & Partners, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and ABB Architekten. At the offices of Prof. Ullrich Scheffler and Baurunde Bauplanung und Bauanalytik, Benedikt was lead of the renovation and restoration of heritage-listed buildings, such as the Buchhändlerhaus des Börsenvereins in Frankfurt and the complete refurbishment of the Residenzschloss in Darmstadt.

    Benedikt studied architecture at the Hochschule Darmstadt and is a registered architect with the Architectural Chamber of Hessen. Since 2022, he has been deepening his knowledge and pursuing further education in architectural heritage preservation at the Propstei Johannesberg in Fulda.

    He plays the piano in the Frankfurt ensemble "philine," which has gained recognition for its musical interpretations of the seven herbs of the Grüne Soße in Frankfurt. With his Francophile and charming demeanor, he brings Savoir Vivre and a positive work atmosphere to the office.

  • Olaf Winckler Alternativtitel

    Olaf Winckler


    Olaf is an outstanding expert in the field of tenant fit-out planning, focusing his expertise specifically on this area. At Just Architekten, he holds the responsibility for contract management as the Managing Director.

    Olaf joined our office as a Project Manager in 2005 and secured his position as part of the management team at Just Architekten in 2016. Prior to that, he had worked at Frick + Frick Architekten Frankfurt and H. Gies Architekten in Mainz, where he contributed to projects with a focus on university buildings.

    Olaf is a graduate engineer. He studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main. An exchange semester took him to UCE Birmingham in England in 1995.

    In addition to architecture, Olaf also pursues furniture design. He runs his own furniture brand called NO4. Several furniture pieces he has designed have already been selected for successful projects by us – and even within our own office, his table takes center stage in one of our meeting rooms.

  • Nils Adam Alternativtitel

    Nils Adam


    Nils is part of our design team and works in the area of concept design and special projects. His expertise includes parametric and digital model fabrication methods. With his fearless and responsive approach, he approaches each project with great enthusiasm and drives it forward.

    Nils has been with Just Architects since August 2020. Prior to joining our team, he gained valuable experience at BB22 architekten + stadtplaner in Frankfurt, where he further honed his skills. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main and a Master's degree in Architecture from TU Darmstadt. During his studies, he also worked as a tutor for the fundamentals of design at the University of Applied Sciences.

    Outside of his professional work, Nils is an incredibly dynamic individual. He takes joy in expressing his creativity beyond the field of architecture and is an enthusiastic cook and connoisseur.

  • Mihaela Airinei Alternativtitel

    Mihaela Airinei


    Mihaela has been part of our team since 2017, contributing to planning and design efforts. From tenant fit-outs to handling building permits, as well as creating and clarifying design details and project organization in CAD, she brings in her comprehensive expertise, supporting us at every stage of the process.

    She holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest. In 2016, she moved to Germany, where she continued her professional journey in architecture.

    Before joining us, she gained experience in two other architectural firms, working across all construction phases - from the approval phase to on-site supervision.

    In addition to her technical know-how, Mihaela also has an eye for architectural aesthetics. She enjoys drawing and sketching freehand and is a passionate architectural photographer.

  • Nadine Aschenbrücker Alternativtitel

    Nadine Aschenbrücker


    Nadine is one of our experts in interior design and has specialized in tendering and detailing of projects. Her attention to detail makes her a specialist in all aspects and measures of interior design, whether it's interdisciplinary solutions or the conceptualization of furniture as carpentry solutions.

    Nadine holds a degree in architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main.

    She joined the team of Just Architektrn in October 2018. Prior to her time with us, she gained experience in various agencies specializing in corporate identity, graphic and trade fair design, as well as in exhibit construction. Additionally, during her time as a trade fair producer, she primarily focused on planning, coordination, and successful implementation of exhibition booths, where she was also responsible for integrating technical and graphic components.

  • Robert Bösche Alternativtitel

    Robert Bösche


    Robert is one of our most experienced project managers and specializes in tenant fit-out. He has extensive experience with building permit procedures and barrier-free construction.

    Robert became part of the team in 2013. Prior to that, he worked at an architecture firm in Bad Homburg for 13 years, where he was involved in a range of projects related to villas, historic buildings, and timber-framed building restoration.

    He is a registered member of the Architectural Chamber of Hessen. He obtained his pre-diploma at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier before continuing his architecture studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main until completion.

    Robert enjoys staying active and engages in urban biking and inline skating. Additionally, he has a passion for analog music reproduction.

  • Begüm Catanzaro Alternativtitel

    Begüm Catanzaro


    Begüm is a member of our team, providing support in planning, particularly in tenant planning and interior fit-out. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main. Additionally, she attended the School of Fashion, Graphics, and Design in Offenbach, expanding her creative repertoire.

    With several years of professional experience in phases 1 to 5 in various architecture firms in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, Begüm brings valuable expertise and practical knowledge to our team. She joined Just Architekten in October 2021 and has since been working in our planning department.

    Begüm is a dedicated team player, enriching the work atmosphere with her positive attitude and organizational skills. Her artistic affinity and practical craftsmanship complement her talent for organized work.

  • Theresa Flink Alternativtitel

    Theresa Flink


    Theresa is a skilled architect and supports us in the execution planning.

    Theresa has extensive expertise and practical experience in execution planning. She understands the importance of analyzing existing structures and finding optimal solutions to meet the specific requirements of a project. Her solid knowledge in materials, construction techniques, and building regulations allows her to develop high-quality and functional solutions.

  • Isabel Frickel Alternativtitel

    Isabel Frickel


    Isabel supports Just Architekten as a recent graduate in execution planning. She joined our team as an intern in 2020 and continued to work as a working student after completing her internship. Since March 2022, she has been a full member of our team.

    Isabel holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Hochschule Kaiserslautern. During her studies, she completed the first year in a dual system and worked concurrently at an office in Saarbrücken. This practical experience allowed her to apply theoretical knowledge directly to real-world projects and gain comprehensive insights into the world of architecture.

    Isabel is a dedicated learner, continuously expanding her skills and knowledge. She is always ready to take on new challenges and immerse herself in new projects.

  • Denise Fuhr Alternativtitel

    Denise Fuhr


    Denise is our expert for colour and material worlds, and she has been enriching our architecture firm since October 2021. She is a highly qualified specialist who supports us with her comprehensive knowledge in interior and furniture design.

    As the head of our extensive material library, Denise keeps us up to date on the latest trends and developments in this field. Her sense for colors, textures, and materials allows us to create inspiring and harmonious spatial concepts for our projects.

    Denise obtained a Master of Engineering in Interior Architecture from the Hochschule Darmstadt and a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture from the Hochschule Mainz. In addition to her education in interior architecture, from 2011 to 2014, Denise completed an apprenticeship as a media saleswoman for digital and print media at a specialized publisher in Wiesbaden. This experience has given her a broad understanding of visual communication and the significance of aesthetic details.

    Her passion for colors, materials, and design is evident in her work, and it plays a crucial role in creating unique and appealing interior spaces within our office buildings.

  • Florian Hübscher Alternativtitel

    Florian Hübscher


    Florian is a valued member of our team, bringing his extensive expertise in construction management to the forefront. With his in-depth knowledge and diverse experience, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless and successful implementation of our construction projects.

    Florian completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and obtained a diploma in interior architecture from Hochschule RheinMain. Prior to joining Just Architekten, he gained extensive experience in set design, stage construction, and exhibition building. These varied roles have given him a broad understanding of design, planning, and hands-on execution.

    In 2014, Florian joined our team as a set designer and interior architect, evolving over time into an experienced construction manager at Just Architekten. With his craftsmanship and ability to work effectively both on-site and in the office, Florian is a key point of contact for the execution of our construction projects.

    In addition to his expertise in construction management, Florian is no stranger to outdoor work. Besides his passion for cycling, he wholeheartedly dedicates himself as a harvest helper at Weingut Johann Schnell, actively contributing to the vineyard's grape harvest. This diverse set of interests and his genuine love for hands-on work are evident in his approach to every task he undertakes.

  • Marcella Ignone Alternativtitel

    Marcella Ignone


    Marcella has been part of our team since March 2023, lending her expertise as an interior specialist to support our design team. With her strong knowledge and experience, she brings fresh perspectives to our projects and contributes to the creation of inspiring interior spaces in office buildings.

    Before joining our team, Marcella gained valuable experience in smaller architecture firms in Aschaffenburg, as well as at MOW-Architekten in Frankfurt. There, she worked extensively on urban planning and feasibility studies, competitions, project development, small interior design projects, and site-specific zoning plans.

    Marcella holds a Master of Arts in Interior Architecture from h-da in Darmstadt. Since graduating in 2015, she has been wholeheartedly engaged as a lecturer at h-da in the Department of Architecture, teaching design principles and architectural planning fundamentals. Through her guidance, she imparts her expertise and practical insights to nurture the talents of the next generation of architects.

    Beyond her professional passion for architecture, Marcella also enjoys sketching in her free time. Whether it's architecture, the human body, portraits, or everyday situations, her sketchbook is almost always by her side, allowing her creativity and sense of aesthetic design to flow freely.

  • Carina Jostmeyer Alternativtitel

    Carina Jostmeyer


    Carina is a project manager in our office, specializing in building permission applications and production information and planning. She has been a team member since July 2020.

    Prior to joining us, she worked at B&V Canton Lang Park, where she gained valuable experience and deepened her expertise. Carina holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main.

    As a project manager, Carina is known for her professional approach and ability to tackle complex tasks while keeping an overview. In addition to her professional career, Carina skillfully combines her athletic achievements as a competitive athlete and hurdler with her determination in the office. This dynamic mindset is evident in her work style, effortlessly conquering any challenge that arises in our projects.

  • Simon Joußen Alternativtitel

    Simon Joußen


    Simon specializes in the repurposing of existing structures, building refurbishments, modular wooden constructions, and circular construction. His knowledge spans all scales of architecture, from interior design to urban planning. He places particular importance on the development of innovative and sustainable construction projects.

    Simon has been with us since March 2024. Prior to joining our team, he worked as a research associate at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, where he conducted transformation research in the Rhenish lignite mining area to reactivate village and open spaces in and around the Hambach Forest. During his master's studies, he also held a teaching position for structural engineering in Aachen.

    Simon earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. His additional qualifications include participation in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021/22, an international student competition focused on solar and circular construction. His master's thesis was awarded a top-10 placement at the BDA-SARP Award in 2023.

    A passionate cyclist, Simon enjoys spending his free time on his bike and is always quick and reliable on our construction sites.

  • Konstantin Kirstein Alternativtitel

    Konstantin Kirstein


    Konstantin is a conceptually strong designer who has built an extensive repertoire of architectural references throughout his career, which he can draw upon in his design work. He has been part of the  Just Architekten Team since May 2022.

    Before joining us, he worked at Mijaa Raummanufaktur, where he contributed to a variety of competition entries, studies, and design planning, leading up to approval. His work mainly focused on residential and educational projects.

    Konstantin holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Darmstadt. Through excursions and workshops with international partner universities, he fostered intercultural exchange and sharpened his architectural perspective. These experiences have broadened his outlook on design and provided him with new inspirations for his work.

    Besides his love for architecture, Konstantin is a passionate enthusiast of all things Italian. His urban planning master's thesis on the reconstruction of the historic Italian city of Amatrice earned him the Otto-Bartning Prize for Architecture, highlighting his deep appreciation for Italian culture and his dedication to meaningful architectural projects.

  • Stefanie Körner Alternativtitel

    Stefanie Körner


    Stefanie is the heart and soul of our office management and always has an open ear for any concerns. She stands out for her organizational talent and her ability to create a harmonious work environment.

    Stefanie has been supporting us in the office since May 2024. Previously, she spent over 15 years in the fashion industry as a fashion consultant, specializing in color and style consulting. Her career began at Frankfurt Airport, where she worked for nearly 10 years as a Senior Agent in passenger handling for FRAPORT. Customer interaction is Stefanie's forte.

    Stefanie holds a diploma in communication design from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. She also completed training as a typesetter/typographer, highlighting her design skills.

    Outside of her work at Just Architekten, Stefanie is actively engaged in various pursuits. She has a passion for photography and baking, and she practices yoga. These interests not only enrich her personal life but also contribute to the creative and positive atmosphere in the office – especially when we get to enjoy her baking skills.

  • Inga Lange Alternativtitel

    Inga Lange


    Inga is our Controller and heads the financial management at Just Architekten. Her core competencies lie in organization, process optimization, and problem-solving. With her infectious good humor and tireless sense of order, she keeps not only the finances but the entire office in top shape.

    Inga joined Just Architekten in 2021 and is a true all-rounder. Before joining our team, she gained qualifications and experience in various fields, and now this extensive knowledge comes together in her role with us. Her background includes experience in hospitality, family and child support, hotel industry, construction management, film production, psychotherapy, and marketing.

    In addition to her training as a bookseller at the School of German Book Trade in Frankfurt am Main, she also completed a diploma program in social work at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt.

    Inga masters multitasking with ease. Whether it's financial matters, server issues, technical questions, or other challenges, Inga always has an open ear for all employees in the office and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

  • Florian Maass Alternativtitel

    Florian Maass


    Florian has been leading our construction management at Just Architects since September 2023. He is known for his holistic approach, emphasizing that construction management begins in the early stages of a project. He is particularly passionate about working on existing buildings, where he coordinates and masters all the challenges of the later project phases.

    After completing his apprenticeship as a carpenter, Florian pursued his architecture studies at the University of Karlsruhe, with a period abroad at the Universidad del Pais Vasco. Following stints at architectural firms in Cologne and Frankfurt, Florian spent nearly a decade at KSP Engel, where he eventually served as the deputy head of the construction management department. Integrating all professional disciplines and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration have been of great importance to him, which is why he has been actively involved with the AIV Frankfurt for several years.

    In addition to his professional commitments, Florian is also involved in teaching at various universities. Currently, he shares his knowledge as a lecturer at IU International University, where he teaches various modules in architecture.

    Outside of his professional pursuits, Florian is an enthusiastic athlete in his leisure time and enjoys playing basketball and sailing.

  • Marie Pacem Alternativtitel

    Marie Pacem


    Marie has extensively focused on residential construction, particularly in existing buildings, and possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience in this area. She is passionate about good design and visual aesthetics. Marie is a meticulous planner who also brings valuable on-site experience.

    Marie has been part of the Just Architekten team since 2024. During her studies, she worked at Florian Krieger Architecture and Urban Planning, gaining experience in architectural competitions. Her enthusiasm for building in existing structures was sparked at Rittmannsperger Architekten. Later, at Bialucha Wittag Architekten, she continued to work in residential construction within existing buildings and was active on construction sites.

    Marie completed her education at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Master of Science at the TU Darmstadt, including an Erasmus semester at KTH in Stockholm. She is a registered member of the Chamber of Architects.

    Marie is an avid surfer and enjoys exploring new paths with her gravel bike.

  • Esther Peñarrocha Alternativtitel

    Esther Peñarrocha


    Esther is a highly creative architect at Just Architekten, specializing in execution planning. She holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Additionally, she is a recognized expert in home automation and digital home, certified by the University of Valencia.

    She has been part of the Just Architekten team since 2021. Her professional journey began in Valencia, where she pursued freelance work as an architect while completing a training program to become a municipal city architect certified by the Architects' Association of Valencia. In this role, she gained valuable experience in construction supervision and urban planning. Before joining us, she was involved in various projects in Frankfurt, contributing across all project phases.

    Esther stands out for her ability to find creative solutions. This strength extends beyond her professional pursuits as she dedicates her leisure time to exploring and developing innovative ideas fueled by her passion for architecture and design.

  • Pardis Ravari Alternativtitel

    Pardis Ravari


    Pardis supports our team in planning. She joined our office as a working student in 2021 and has been part of our team as a team architect since 2022.

    Before joining us, she gained practical experience as a working student in other renowned architecture firms, including schneider+schumacher in Frankfurt am Main. There, she was involved in various residential projects as well as the creation of studies and competition entries.

    Pardis completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Architecture at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. In 2019, she spent a year at the University La Sapienza in Rome as part of the Erasmus program. In addition to her architectural interests, she was able to indulge in her enthusiasm for languages and immerse herself in the Italian language.

    Pardis is visually gifted and possesses strong drawing skills. Whether it's portraits or quick sketches, she uses her talent to clearly illustrate ideas, even in everyday office life.

  • Saschka Rosemann Alternativtitel

    Saschka Rosemann

    Saschka is the head of our Interior Design team. With extensive experience in interior architecture and a wide range of design knowledge, she brings valuable expertise to our office. Her true strength lies in project visualization, drawing upon a solid understanding of furniture design, materials, and color palettes.

    Saschka has been a part of the Just Architekten team since 2018. She has gained valuable professional experience in renowned architecture and design firms such as Hollin&Radoske Architekten and Atelier Markgraph, as well as at funktion moebel.

    She obtained her diploma in Interior Architecture in 2009 from the Hochschule Darmstadt. Since 2012, Saschka has been working as a lecturer at the Hochschule Darmstadt, teaching in the fields of architecture and interior design, with a focus on project design and design principles.

    Saschka's creative approach and ability to develop innovative solutions set her apart. Her profound knowledge of interior architecture and extensive experience make her a competent point of contact for demanding projects.

  • Jacob Schairer Alternativtitel

    Jacob Schairer


    Jacob is one of our construction management experts. With extensive on-site experience and a specialization in planning coordination for interior construction, he is a valuable asset to our team. Moreover, he possesses excellent skills in representing clients, where he adeptly mediates and communicates complex matters clearly.

    Jacob has been part of the Just Architekten team since February 2022. Prior to joining us, he worked at the property developer "gsp Städtebau," where he was responsible for the custom request management in the residential project Grand Tower in Frankfurt. He also gained experience as a planner and construction manager in upscale interior projects, particularly in retail, with a general contractor.

    He obtained his diploma in Interior Architecture from the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. Through the Erasmus program, he had the opportunity to study in Istanbul, where he gained practical experience in a renowned architectural firm.

    Since the age of 12, Jacob has been passionate about skateboarding and has built a strong community of friends within the skateboarding world. During his free time, he also freelances in skatepark planning, using his expertise to create exciting skate spaces. Besides his love for skateboarding, he has a keen interest in bicycles and takes pleasure in repairing and maintaining them. Jacob's craftsmanship enables him to fix and preserve items rather than disposing of them, reflecting his commitment to sustainability.

  • Charlotte Titze Alternativtitel

    Charlotte Titze


    Charlotte is our head of press and public relations. Alongside overseeing press activities and social media, she plays a vital role in office management, ensuring seamless organization of our daily operations.

    Charlotte joined Just Architekten in September 2020 and brings extensive experience in the field of press and public relations. Before joining our team, she was already part of the press and public relations team at the Frankfurt Museum für Angewandte Kunst.

    She earned her Bachelor's degree in English and German studies from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Moreover, she successfully completed the Master's program "Anglophone Literatures, Cultures, and Media" at the same university. During her academic journey, she served as a translator at several cultural studies symposiums, showcasing her language proficiency in her three "native languages" - German, Spanish, and English.

    Charlotte is a member of Werkbund Hessen and supports the Society of Friends of DAM (German Architecture Museum). Her memberships showcase her commitment to promoting culture and her passion for communication.

  • Alexandra Vollmer Alternativtitel

    Alexandra Vollmer


    Alexandra is a long-standing project manager at Just Architekten. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and experience in the handling of the construction phases 4 to 8, she successfully leads various projects in our office.

    Alexandra has been a member of our team since 2014. Before joining us, she gained professional experience at Gurland + Seher Architekten in Biberach.

    She holds a Master of Arts in Architecture with a focus on design from the Hochschule Biberach. With her profound expertise, she is capable of effectively managing and implementing challenging projects.

    Alexandra is a true multitasking master. She excels at the art of "juggling" in both the office and her personal life. Her ability to efficiently manage various tasks and challenges makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

  • Moritz Walter Alternativtitel

    Moritz Walter


    Moritz has been a part of the Just Architekten team since 2020, lending his expertise as an experienced project manager in planning, with a keen eye for detail and a profound knowledge of excellent design.

    Before joining Just Architekten, Moritz gained valuable experience at various architecture firms. From 2016 to 2020, he worked at Wandel Lorch Architekten, Frielinghaus Architekten, and Kontext Architektur. During this time, he was involved in a variety of projects, including public buildings, large-scale residential projects, and the renovation of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

    In 2016, Moritz completed his Master of Science in Architecture with honors at the Technical University of Darmstadt. During his studies, he also gained professional experience in Switzerland.

    In addition to his academic achievements, Moritz worked as a lecturer at the Technical University of Darmstadt in the Department of Architecture until 2022, passing on his knowledge in the fields of design and construction.

    He was awarded the Georg Donges Prize for Steel Construction in 2014 for his design of the Glashütte Lamberts. Moritz is also a member of the Werkbund Hessen. In his free time, Moritz is a passionate trumpet player.

  • Thomas Wecke Alternativtitel

    Thomas Wecke


    Thomas has been a member of our team since 2011, leading the field of space planning and cost estimation. With his expertise in tenant planning, cost estimations, and workplace regulations, especially in the field of interior design, he is our expert in this field.

    Before joining Just Architekten, Thomas gained practical experience in renowned architecture firms. He worked at Brandlhuber in Cologne and (se)arch in Stuttgart, where he was mainly involved in competitions and design projects.

    Thomas studied architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and at TU Graz. During his time in Karlsruhe, he also worked as a supervisor for freehand drawing at the university, where he shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for this technique.

    In his free time, Thomas is a passionate freehand drawing artist. He enjoys spending as much time as possible on the water with his motorboat, appreciating nature and tranquility.

Through synergistic collaboration, we navigate remarkably complex challenges with ease. As part of an excellence network that includes specialists in design, architecture, art, strategy, market intelligence, digital expertise, and construction, we foster a continuous exchange of ideas. We excel at orchestrating collaborative processes.




German Design Award 2024
Offenbach Bus Stop


German Design Award 2023
„Special Mention“
Häuser der Mode


Iconic Award 2022
Winner „Innovative Architecture: Interior – Retail“
Häuser der Mode


German Design Award 2022,
„Special Mention“
Conference Center

Iconic Award 2021,
Winner „Innovative Architecture: Interior – Corporate“
Conference Center

Best Workspaces Award 2021 – Shortlist
Conference Center


Winner of the Realisation Competition  
Rodenbacher Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte („RoBBe“)


German Design Award 2018,
Winner „Public Design“
U5 Metro Stop

3. Prize Conceptual Competition
Paddelverein Mannheim


„Beste Nichtwohnbauten“ 2017 – Shortlist
U5 Metro Stop

Hessischer Website Award 2017
1. Place

Iconic Award 2017,
Winner „Architecture“
U5 Metro Stop


3. Place Competition
Dach ZOB Wiesdorf (Leverkusen)


Winner Peer Review
Gemeindehaus Bethaniengemeinde

Winner Peer Review
Wöhlerstraße 6-10


2. Place Competition
in Frankfurt-Praunheim

best architects 13
Weingut Schnell


Winner Competition
Mobile WC-Solutions for a Greener Frankfurt

German Solar Prize
WestendGate Facade


Winner for Realisation
Two Stops for the City Line U5 Musterschule and Glauburgstraße


GreenBuilding Award


Award for Exemplary Building Projects in the State of Hessen

IF Award
Membrane Roof Structure at the FBC

AIT Innovation Prize for Textile and Objects
Membrane Roof Structure at the FBC


Architectural Prize „Gut bedacht“ of the BDB



Stahlbau heute
„Der besondere Stahlbau“
Issue 2/2024, Page 10


„Von grünen Visionen und Experimenten“

„Schnellwachsendes Grün für die Stadt“

„Mehr als Warten“

„Under the T(h)ree“

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
„Segelndes Grün für die heiße Stadt“

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
„Schwebendes Grün für die Großstadt“
24.07.2023, Nr. 169, Page 4



AIT 04/22
„Innen/Aussen: Häuser der Mode in Eschborn“
Issue 04/22, P. 24


Baunetz ID
„Stilvoll Konferieren“, 26.05.2021

CUBE 01/21
„Meetings mit Charme“
Issue 01/21, Page 34


DABregional Hessen
„Eine Bauaufgabe, zwei ausgezeichnete Lösungsansätze“
Issue 12/20, Page 16


Katalog zum Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaus 2018
Haltestelle U5

Frankfurter Rundschau
Kinder bringen Farbe in die Kita, 11.10.2018

Architekturführer Frankfurt 1970–1979
Pavillon am FBC, S. 132
Hg. Freunde Frankfurts (Herausgeber), Wilhelm E. Opatz
ISBN 3885068141